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How much do Teaching Assistants get paid?


Teaching Assistant jobs are a great way to grow your reputation, build rapport within schools, and establish yourself as a valuable staff member. 

But how much do Teaching Assistants get paid? When you look at the average salary for Teaching Assistants in the UK, you’ll be surprised that it is much lower than many expect.  

Is there a national pay scale for Teaching Assistants? 

There is no national pay scale for teaching assistants. Instead, the school district pays teaching assistants, and their compensation varies from district to district. Some districts pay higher salaries than others, ranging from £18,300-£25,000. 

There are also different ways that teachers can be paid. Some teachers receive a base salary, while others receive bonuses for working weekends or during the summer holidays. In addition, some teachers can receive pay for extra duties such as mentoring students or tutoring them in maths. 

While there is no national pay scale, most institutions use the local government pay scale, depending on the type of school. That is, state-funded schools follow the LA pay guidelines. Free, academy and independent schools do not.  

  1. The average pay for a starting full-time TA is £18,300 
  2. The average pay for TA with extra responsibilities is £18,800 to £19,000 
  3. The average pay for an experienced TA is £19,260 to 25,000 

Does pay continue over the holidays for Teaching Assistants? 

In most cases, teaching assistants work on a term contract. That means you shouldn’t expect the annual salary pay stated in the pay scale. However, if you are fortunate not to get a term time contract, your salary keeps counting even when on leave for holidays or school breaks.  

If you work on a term contract, it will not be similar to other yearly contracts. This should not be discouraging, though. On the brighter side, this contract allows you more holidays and free time to venture into other careers – and it is also a good opportunity to grow your qualifications while pursuing other side jobs and part-time work.  

3 ways to increase your pay as a Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant, you are a key player in the education system. You play an essential role in mentoring students, providing them with guidance and support, and helping them meet their educational goals. However, like any other job, finding ways to increase your pay can be challenging. Here are some ideas: 

1. Serve as a substitute teacher 

The first thing you should consider is working as a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers are paid more than regular teachers. If a school needs extra TAs for the classrooms on weekends or holidays, this could be an advantage for both parties. You will also get paid more than if you were just an hourly employee without any benefits like health insurance or retirement plans. 

2. Become a certified teacher 

Another way to offer some additional income is by becoming certified to teach special education students in public or private schools. Look for where they need qualified applicants. Everyone is looking to get their children taught by someone trained on how best to prepare them academically and emotionally.  

3. Apply for higher roles 

You can also apply for higher teaching roles because you already have experience in the classroom. The most common types of jobs that teaching assistants get employed for are: 

  • Primary school teachers – Your main responsibility is teaching children from 5-11 years old. You should have at least five years of experience working with children before applying, but if you haven’t yet got any, then don’t worry. Plenty of resources available online will help guide you through all aspects of becoming a primary school teacher! 
  • Secondary school teachers – If your dream is to work with older students, this may be right up your alley.  

So, is being a Teaching Assistant worth it? 

Being a teaching assistant is definitely worth it. It is a great way to gain experience in your field of study while still working with others and making some money. 

Key takeaways 

There are many ways to increase your pay as a teaching assistant, but the best thing you can do is make sure you’re being compensated fairly. If you feel like your salary isn’t enough or there are other issues with your job, it may be time to look into other options, like becoming a substitute teacher or working overtime on holidays and weekends. Also, keep in mind that becoming a certified teacher could help increase your earning potential even more.

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