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5 reasons why a Teaching Assistant is a good job


Teaching assistants (or TAs) provide assistance and support to individuals or small groups, helping them understand learning concepts and assignments.

From managing classroom behaviour, planning activities and lessons, and helping with administrative tasks to supporting the teacher, teacher’s assistants are kept very busy.  

For the most part, you can expect to aid the teacher in any way they need. This could include answering student questions, monitoring students while they work, and taking over for the teacher when they have to work with other educators.  If you are wondering whether or not to become a teaching assistant, there are five main reasons it makes a great career. 

5 reasons why working as a Teaching Assistant is great

1. It’s incredibly satisfying

They say that if you feel satisfied when you do your job, you never really work a day in your life. Feeling a sense of fulfilment at work leads to a more positive attitude and happiness — and we all could use more of this.  

When you work as a teaching assistant, you are helping future generations learn and grow. You will contribute to society and make a difference, and what could be more satisfying than that?

Plus, working as a teacher’s assistant can help you become a more patient and well-rounded professional.  

After all, to have a successful career as a teacher’s assistant, you should be patient and remain calm when working under pressure.

2. There are great opportunities for career advancement

After gaining some work experience as a teacher’s assistant, you can specialise in areas that differ from general classroom assisting or even move into department leadership. 

Other ambitious advancements can be made, including moving into counselling, school administration, or higher education. Additionally, you could move into tutoring, working with youth, or supporting early childhood education. 

The more experience you gain as a teacher’s assistant, the easier it will be to specialise in other areas. Plus, many of the skills you gain are highly transferable and can help you in several aspects of your life and future career.  

Undoubtedly, gaining experience in the classroom will open up many new and exciting opportunities for you. 

3. You’ll never be bored 

Have you ever spent time with a group of curious children or inquisitive teens? You will never be bored!  

Being a teacher’s assistant doesn’t include many tedious tasks like most office jobs. Instead, you will learn new things daily and share unique experiences with teachers, other teacher’s assistants, and students. 

When there is a break in lesson planning and teaching support, teacher’s assistants can catch up on their administrative duties. Clerical tasks like taking attendance and marking quizzes or projects are also some typical responsibilities.  

What’s even more exciting is that teacher’s assistants can often go on field trips or attend off-site events with their class. Sometimes they can chaperone field trips, assist with fundraisers, and set up parent-teacher events.

4. The career complements family life 

With manageable hours and not a lot of take-home tasks, teacher’s assistants can maintain an outstanding balance between work and life. Typical working hours usually fall between 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, leaving you with plenty of time to run errands, make dinner, and go to the gym. 

If having your own family or a flourishing social life is important to you, you will be able to do this when working as a teacher’s assistant. The job also has a relatively low-stress lev, too.

5. You will make a difference

Along with the teacher being incredibly grateful for your help, you’re also making a difference with the students. It is no surprise that teachers often call teacher’s assistants “hidden heroes.”  

As a teacher’s assistant, your work truly means something as you’ll be preparing younger generations for the rest of their lives. It is a career that is suitable for changemakers and people who love working with children.

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