Average Advertised UK Salaries May 2021

UK Salary Map May 2021

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Data* for May once again suggests that the gradual lifting of restrictions has created more opportunities within the lower pay salary bracket in turn decreasing the average advertised salary.

If we look at specific regions, London took a drop for a third month decreasing by £1343. This takes the average salary to £41,714, the lowest it has been since August 2019.

The South East dropped by £369 giving an average salary of £32,284. This takes the generally stable region back to a pre-pandemic salary range.

The North East and North West also dropped by £1202 and £869 respectively. This takes the North East salary below £30k at £28,858 and approximately £1500 lower than pre-pandemic salary levels.

Also, of note this month is Wales. There was a significant drop back in April of £1529 which was counterbalanced with a rise in May of £1756 bringing the average salary to £31,414.

Tina Mann, Project Manager at Allthetopbananas.com said: “Salary data for May suggests that the UK job market is still adjusting and is not back to pre-pandemic levels just yet. It will be interesting to see what happens as we head to 21st June and the economy reopens fully.”

Scotland – Decrease of £196

North West – Decrease of £869

West Midlands – Decrease of £379

Wales – Increase of £1756

South West – Decrease of £369

South East – Decrease of £369

London – Decrease of £1343

East Anglia – Decrease of £849

East Midlands – Increase of £12

Yorkshire & Humber – Increase of £930

North East – Decrease of £1202

* All data taken from Allthetopbananas.com