Average Advertised UK Salaries April 2021

April 2021 UK Salary News

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Our salary data for this April 2021 strongly suggests that the easing of restrictions and gradual opening of hospitality venues has created more opportunities in this sector. This has in turn decreased the average advertised salary across nearly the entire UK.

Comparing April 2021 to March 2021, London has decreased the most, by £1989, dropping to £43,057.

East Anglia and the East Midlands have dropped the least by £116 and £199 respectively.

The North West is the only region to have shown an increase although only slightly at +£22.

Kris Clare, Head of Commercial at Allthetopbananas.com said: “The latest salary data shows that jobs with slightly lower pay are making a come back, this coincides with the rise in hospitality vacancies that we have seen over the past 6 weeks, it’s really encouraging for the sector and UK job market as a whole.”

Scotland – Decrease of £1255

North West – Increase of £22

West Midlands – Decrease of £311

Wales – Decrease of £1529

South West – Decrease of £552

South East – Decrease of £797

London – Decrease of £1989

East Anglia – Decrease of £116

East Midlands – Decrease of £199

Yorkshire & Humber – Decrease of £1494

North East – Decrease of £703