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Maintenance Operative


  • Top Match


Are you passionate about providing top-tier customer service in the realm of luxury properties? Do you thrive in an inclusive environment where your skills in painting, decorating, and general property maintenance are valued and celebrated? If so, we invite you to apply for the role of Property Maintenance Technician at our esteemed company. Key R

Job Source: DiSRUPT
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  • HRC Recruitment



    • Ending Soon

    Job Title: Chef de Partie Location: Dundee Company: HRC recruitment g experiences for our guests. As we strive for culinary excellence, we are seeking a talented and ambitious Chef de Partie to join our esteemed team. Responsibilities: Prepare and execute culinary dishes to the highest standards, following menu specifications and recipes Work

    Job Source: HRC Recruitment
  • Four Seasons Health Care

    Domestic Assistant


    We are currently recruiting for a Domestic Assistant.  Working as a Domestic Assistant you will be responsible for maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for our residents, visitors and staff.  You will be an important part of the team that ensures residents in our care feel valued as individuals. As one of the largest healthcare providers in

    Job Source: Four Seasons Health Care

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