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The roles available for people working in the care sector are vast.

Most day-to-day roles involve performing the tasks sometimes carried out by a close friend or relative but in a trained, professional and knowledgeable way. Senior roles involve managing operational teams.

Who can I work for?

Roles in care can involve working with many different groups of vulnerable people, from the elderly and disabled to young children.

People interested in working in the care sector could consider care homes, hospitals or even schools or nurseries.

Where and when can I work?

Care roles are available across the UK. Working hours will vary depending on the role and sector but many care roles will involve shift work. People needing care may often require 24-hour support, so you may need to be flexible and expect to work unsociable hours.

What attributes are needed?

Workers in the care sector must be aware of the needs of the customer and work to the highest standards every day to ensure people within their care retain their dignity and remain safe.

Being a good team player and communicator are also essential attributes.

Keeping up-to-date with training and the latest news, views and legalities of your care sector are also important so you must have a genuine interest in working within care.

What can I earn?

Salaries range widely depending on the level of your role. Entry-level or trainee positions may start at minimum wage but senior managers of care facilities could be earning £40,000 upwards.

What are the benefits?

Working in the care sector is about giving something back to the community and assisting people in a vulnerable position. Roles in care make a difference to people's quality of life – a key driver for anyone working in the profession.

Another big benefit is the different types of people roles in care allow you to meet and work with.

Are there chances of promotion?

Yes. Once experienced, you can apply for supervisory and management positions and even progress to area management and beyond.

What will I be responsible for?

Responsibilities are dependent on your chosen sector and your level.

General responsibilities will involve ensuring people within your care are safe and as comfortable as possible. Care roles often involve tending to vulnerable people's basic needs on a daily basis as well as providing social activities and entertainment.

Do I need any experience?

Previous experience in care is essential for anything other than entry-level roles. Training in your chosen area of care is also usually required through a course but some employers may offer on-the-job training.

Most care candidates will be required to undertake a CRB check before starting any form of employment within the sector.

Care Jobs