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Customer service is at the heart of any role in the hospitality sector. The opportunities are broad – from working in hotels and restaurants to organising corporate and private events.

Who can I work for?

Hospitality covers many different types of role and sector. Mainstream avenues can be found in restaurants, hotels and conference venues. More specialist areas may include working for events companies such as wedding or party planners. Corporate hospitality is also a major area of the profession and there are opportunities to work in-house for businesses selling hospitality packages such as sports grounds or for corporate hospitality firms that work on a project-by-project basis.

Where and when can I work?

Anywhere in the UK but there are likely to be more opportunities in urban areas or locations that attract tourism.

Working in hospitality is rarely a 9-5 job. Most roles involve shift work with weekends and late evenings possibly required depending on your sector.

What are the benefits?

Hospitality roles offer the chance to meet many different people. Working in events or corporate hospitality will also be varied and offer a chance to develop many skills.

Are there chances of promotion?

Yes. Experience and specialist knowledge can lead to promotion. More senior roles could involve people or project management and the opportunity for more strategic/commercially-focused responsibilities.

What will I be responsible for?

Responsibilities vary depending on your role, sector and level.

You may be responsible for looking after customers – for example serving food or beverages in a restaurant or checking customers into a hotel.

However, hospitality could involve planning and managing major events or selling packages to business or leisure customers.

Do I need any experience?

Experience in your preferred sector is essenti

What can I earn?

The salary rewards in hospitality are varied. Wages are often calculated on an hourly basis. This could start from the minimum wage in a junior role.

Senior roles where overseeing complex events and logistics or a large team could command annual salaries from £30,000 upwards.

Hospitality Jobs