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Working in hospitality catering means everything from designing, cooking and developing food and drink services either in-house or in a contacting capacity within budget, as well as retaining health and safety standards.

Who can I work for?

In almost every role in this area you can work in-house for a company or on a contract basis, providing food and drink at an event or for a client.

Where and when can I work?

You can work at various organisations, including schools, hospitals or factories. You can also provide one-off catering services as special event caterers like weddings or parties. These opportunities are available across the country.

What can I earn?

It depends which role you have within this area but assistant catering managers can earn between £20,000-£30,000 with chefs earning around £30,000.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include gaining praise from the customers and clients that you have provided food for, whether they are children or a bride and groom. You also get the opportunity to meet lots of different people in this role.

Are there chances of promotion?

There are many opportunities to rise up the ranks within catering. Whether you start out as a catering assistant or chef, there are other roles to progress in to.

What will I be responsible for?

Your responsibilities depend on the size of the business. If you work for a smaller company, you will probably have to do more hands-on work. Tasks include budget planning, planning shifts, writing menus, quality monitoring and sorting out any staffing issues.

Do I need any experience?

The higher your role within catering the more experience you will need. This include food and health and safety-related accreditations. If you are starting at a junior level, work experience and an enthusiastic attitude are a must.

What attributes are needed?

A great attention to detail, approachable, personable, patient and creative.